For several years, TDJ has been continuously carrying out the diversification process of the sectors in which it implements its investment projects

Starting with coal mining and through a number of acquisitions and mergers, the company built its strong position in the market in similar sectors – the power industry, open-pit mining, material handling, offshore market, steel structures and casting.

At present, TDJ holding controlling interests in three companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is the owner of 22 production plants employing over 7900 employees. All investment activities are supervised by Tomasz Domogała.

TDJ Estate

TDJ Estate is one of five sectors of TDJ , the Polish private investment company, which total capitalisation amounts to 3 billion PLN

Relying on its business experience and its considerable and stable equity, TDJ Estate has firstly increased the efficiency of the Group non-productive assets by implementing more and more complex projects in the scope of residential properties and land development.

Thanks to the implemented HR policy, TDJ Estate has great experience and high sector-specific competence while maintaining a dynamic, vigorous and open-minded approach typical of developing teams. The business model of the Group assumes that the highest class of external partners specialising in their fields of activity should be engaged in the implementation of specific projects.

TDJ Estate


Leasing Department

Kamil Krępa

mob. +48 663 707 147
tel. +48 32 832 00 20
e-mail: kamil.krepa@tdj.pl

Szymon Grabara

mob. +48 663 701 372
tel. +48 32 832 00 20
e-mail: szymon.grabara@tdj.pl


Imago Public Relations

Dworska 1
40-584 Katowice

Daniel Muc

mob. +48 609 808 118
tel. +48 32 254 21 57
e-mail: d.muc@imagopr.pl


TDJ Sp. z o.o.

W. Roździeńskiego 1a
40-202 Katowice

tel. +48 32 832 00 00
e-mail: estate@tdj.pl

Katowice-East Regional Court
in Katowice

VIII Economic Department
of the National Juditial Register

KRS no: 0000286498
VAT ID 6342645499
Company ID 240696292
Share capital: 3,447,606.00 PLN
fully paid up