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Metropolitan Area

Katowice and neighbouring cities form the largest investment area after Warsaw called Metropolis GZM. Situated within a 45-minute drive from Krakow, this city has a potential similar to the capital cities of medium European countries.

Katowice and metropolitan area

  • Copenhagen km2Area 2 million — population
  • Metropolis GZM km2Area 2.3 million — population
  • Prague km2Area 1.9 million — population
  • Dublin km2Area 1.7 million — population

OECD 2006, 2012 Central Statistical Office of Poland 2015

The percentage of the country’s GDP in individual metropolitan areas

  • % Warsaw
  • % Metropolis GZM
  • % Krakow
  • 3 % Wroclaw

GUS 2018


Katowice, together with its metropolitan area, is one of the regions offering the best transportation system in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. Two motorways, national and regional roads, a well-developed railway infrastructure and three airports within a 60-minute drive by car ensure a highly efficient transportation system.


96% of the companies investing in the sector of Modern Business Services in Katowice rate the availability of the transportation system at good or very good level.


The story of the economy of Katowice and its region starts with the dynamically modernised heavy industry, especially in the private sector. Deep changes in the industry are possible thanks to effective management and billions of dollars of foreign investments, as well as personnel amounting to over 600.000employees working in this sector.

  • 7th place

    place of Katowice „Cities of the Future 2019/20” fDi Magazine

  • FAMUR – the world’s leading manufacturer of machines and devices in the underground and open-pit mining industry, power industry and material handling sector

  • General Motors Manufacturing — 4000 employees

  • Flytronic

    Inventor of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) used for observation purposes

    www.flytronic.pl Materiały Flytronic sp. z o.o.
  • Future-Processing

    One of the largest exporters of IT products and services in the country

    www.future-processing.pl Provided by Future-Processing
  • Digital Core Design

    Global designer and distributor of components for specialist integrated circuits



Almost 250.000 local companies have an influence on the economic situation of the region. The companies relying on their expertise provide more and more innovative IT solutions, advanced technologies and premium quality specialist services which are competitive on a regional scale.

Central Statistical Office of Poland, 2014


In the entire metropolitan area of Katowice. 1.36 million people are professionally active and 120.000 people attend 26 universities.

One of the greatest advantages of human capital is a high knowledge of foreign languages – 90% of residents declare speaking English, 44% German, 28% Russian, 14% French and 12% Italian or Spanish.


Udział inwestorów sektora nowoczesnych usług biznesowych, którzy zainwestowali w Katowicach i dobrze oraz bardzo dobrze oceniają dostępność wysoko wykwalifikowanej kadry (ABSL)

Comparison of the citizens in the Polish metropolitan areas

  • Warsaw metropolis 3.1million
  • Katowice and metropolitan area 2.3million
  • Krakow metropolis 1.5 million
  • Gdansk–Gdynia–Sopot metropolitan area 1.5 million
  • Lodz metropolis 1.2 million
  • Wroclaw metropolis 1.2 million
  • Poznan metropolis 1 million

≈ 0.4 million
Central Statistical Office of Poland, data at the end 2018


In the current Metropolis GZM are located about 102 centres offering modern business services and employing over 23.500 people, including 17.000 people in centres with foreign capital. The largest investors in this sector include:The largest investors in this sector include: Arcelormittal, Asseco, Bombardier, Capgemini, DAZN, Ericsson, Fujitsu Global Delivery Center, Hireright, Honeywell, Huawei, IBM, ING, Kroll KLDiscovery Ontrack, Mentor Graphics, OEX, Oracle, Perform Media, PWC, Rockwell Automation, SII, Steria, Teleperformance, Unilever i Wipro.

Processes carried out by the facilities operating in this sector in Katowice:


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