Our Vision

  • „KTW II”

    - The two .KTW towers represent the same design assumptions, operating with an identical architectural substance.

    .KTW combines simplicity, expressiveness and ethos

    .KTW I is an excellent reference point, an expression of the declaration fulfilled by the investor. It reflects the highest quality, initiative and enthusiasm specific to TDJ. .KTW II, which is its natural continuation, has a different potential because it offers various heights. It rises to a level that has not yet been reached by any building in Katowice and the region. It is an elite space inviting those who value modernity, functionality and sensitivity to nuances

  • Transformation

    .KTW is a part of the unique process of modernization of the inner-city area

    Similarly to the Ruhr region as a result of the implementation of the ambitious revitalization policy at the premises of the former Coal Mine in Katowice, the Culture Zone - a synergy of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (PNRSO), the International Convention Centre (ICC) and the new seat of the Silesian Museum (SM), was created in the centre of this metropolitan area with a population of 2 million. .KTW enriches the Culture Zone with energy and vitality adequate for business of 21st century.

  • Prestige

    A great neighbourhood ensures the highest business culture

    Location next to the legendary venue known as ’Spodek’ and the Culture Zone, will enhance a unique offer of .KTW in the scope of commercial space thanks to both the quality of the project and its surroundings. In 2015 Katowice obtained the title of the UNESCO Creative City – the City of Music. The access to high culture provided by the PNRSO, exhibitions in the SM and the offer of the ICC enrich everyday business activity at .KTW.

  • Functionality

    Every detail of .KTW was designed with future users’ needs in mind

    The Upper Silesian identity, in which usefulness and practicality are appreciated more than insignificant decorations, laid the foundations for the development of modern architecture in Katowice in the Interwar period. Searching for the most functional solutions was also one of the fundamental principles to design process of .KTW. Drawing inspiration from the best solutions, thanks to its optimal form, the office complex will meet the expectations of companies operating in the modern business services, IT and central financial sectors.

  • Architecture

    ”Simplicity in form, courage in size”

    – Medusa Group

    Katowice and the metropolitan area differ from the typical locations of skyscrapers, such as London, New York or Dubai. This Polish city does not have a long history. It was built based on heavy industry and hard work. Unlike Krakow and Wroclaw, Katowice does not have a great historical heritage; it has always had a modern character. For us, Silesia is a symbol of work, scrupulousness, honesty, simplicity and modesty. Everything has its purpose, but it is created with imagination and creativity.

The office complex in numbers

.KTW is a new quality of space combining office, retail and public functions. Everyone will find their place in these office buildings characterized by exceptional design and functional technical solutions developed with users comfort and environmental protection in mind.

Retail space

  • 2 100 m2 Nla
  • 1 560 m2 Nla

Number of storeys

  • 31 above ground 3 underground
  • 14 above ground 3 underground

Office space

  • 39 900 m2 Nla
  • 18 250 m2 Nla

Parking spaces

  • 219
  • 241

Typical floor lay-out

  • 1 410 m2
  • 1 480 m2

Standard of finishes

  • continuous fresh air flow controlled by CO2 sensors
  • modern LED lighting system, daylight sensors, and movement sensors
  • window louvers optimising energy balance
  • per-room temperature control, and adiabatic air humidifiers
  • optimal sunlight access
  • lexible arrangement of the office space thanks to 1.35 m module elevation system, and to varied floor load of slabs
  • resistant floor covering with high parameters of noise absorption
  • raised floors in order to facilitate installation reconstruction during working hours
  • resistant floor covering with high parameters of noise absorption
  • lower noise level thanks to noise-absorbing suspended ceilings
  • floor-boxes improving teletechnical installations usage
  • optional DALI lighting system
  • optional wall finish with photo wallpaper with inspirational motifs

Technical specification

    • access control system integrated with the elevator system (6/12 high-speed elevators)
    • separate elevator for underground garage
    • access to fiber optic cabling
    • integrated Building Management System
    • building reception and security available 24/7
    • fire protection system based on modern solutions
    • two independent power sources with the possibility to connect to a system allowing for business continuity (a diesel generator or an UPS)
    • built-in electric power generator
    • LED lighting and movement sensors in the common areas
    • energy measurement systems allowing the monitoring of utility usage
    • highly efficient water taps which lower the water consumption level
    • BREEAM certificate with the Excellent score


Most of us spend an average of 90% of our day indoors, including inside office buildings. At the same time, we rarely think about how being in these spaces influences our health and well-being.Taking care of the well-being, comfort and safety of employees is our priority as evidenced by the receipt of the WELL Health and Safety certificate by .KTW I. Find out how we take care of your wellbeing.

Space of possibilities

Location is the key - it is a truth universally known in the real estate industry. However, this is not the only feature you should pay attention to when choosing an office space. If you want to know what makes a unique office space stand out, see our Tenant's Guidebook.



  • .KTW 1 .KTW 2
    • comfortably-equipped reception lobby
    • canteen with tasty and healthy food
    • café
    • financial services
    • medical center
    • kiosk
    • ATM
    • changing room equipped with showers for cyclists
  • .KTW closest area
    • space for arts and music
    • bicycle parking / racks
    • stop for taxis and couriers
    • vehicle entry control
    • parking spaces equipped with vehicle charging station
    • parking spaces for the disabled
    • sport and exhibition arena — ‘Spodek’
    • well-developed conference base - International Convention Centre
    • Culture Zone – seats of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and of the Silesian Museum
    • space for taking a walk and resting
    • fitness and gyms
    • cafés and restaurants
    • bicycle parking station
    • metropolitan-range public transport

Available premises

  • Floors 20-30

    Available floor division
      • 1478 m2 Unit A
      • 440 m2 Unit A
      • 390 m2 Unit B
      • 360 m2 Unit C
      • 285 m2 Unit D
  • Floors 9-18

    Available floor division
      • 1386 m2 Unit A
      • 245 m2 Unit A
      • 325 m2 Unit B
      • 360 m2 Unit C
      • 455 m2 Unit D
  • Floors 2-8

    Available floor division
      • 1415 m2 Unit A
      • 450 m2 Unit A
      • 330 m2 Unit B
      • 370 m2 Unit C
      • 270 m2 Unit D
  • Floor 1

    • 1100 m2 Unit A

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